The Dashboard


Accessing the Dashboard



The Dashboard is the main window of Medved Trader. From it, you can access every feature available. There are several ways to open the dashboard, depending on how you have your preferences set.


Press key-shiftkey-F12 from any Medved Trader window.


Double-click the Medved Trader icon in Taskbar Notification Area on your Windows Task Bar

Dashboard - systray

Click on the Medved Trader icon in the Windows Task Bar

Dashboard - taskbar

Right-click on the window icon in the upper right corner of any MT window and select the Show Medved Trader Dashboard from the system menu that drops down.

Dashboard - system menu

If in Dashboard Settings the Floating Logo option is turned on, there will always be a round floating MT logo somewhere on your desktop. If you click on it, the dashboard will come up. Clicking on it again will hide the dashboard.

Dashboard - floating logo



Quick Access Menu Dashboard


In addition to the separate-window-dashboard, there is also the Quick-Access Menu Dashboard that can be accessed in two ways:


In any MT window, click on the Dashboard icon in the top right corner of the ribbon menu or press key-F12. The Quick-Access Menu Dashboard will pop up in the right upper corner of the window.

Dashboard - ribbon icon



Using the Dashboard



There are two ways to access various MT features from the dashboard. One is to use the menu at the top of the Dashboard window. The other is to use the Action Tiles in the dashboard.


Dashboard - Full Small


Customizing the Dashboard


To customize the dashboard, you can remove any tile from the dashboard by right-clicking on it and using the Hide Tile option. To put the tile back on the dashboard, open the top menu and drag the appropriate menu item to the dashboard area. You can also rearrange the tiles by dragging them around the dashboard and dropping them where you want them.


Dashboard - tabs


Other Dashboard Window's Features



The dashboard can also show you currently open MT windows and allow you to close them or bring them to front...


Dashboard - Windows


and it can show you all currently running data sources, how many subscriptions they have and their current running bandwidth, and allow you to force re-login on any of them:


Dashboard - sources


The bottom status bar on the dashboard also shows:


the current Log Level (for debugging purposes. Should be set to 10 so that if there are any problems/bugs/errors they would show up in the log and you'd be able to send it to us).

current time

when market closes or opens based on default timeframe as set in Settings - Charts - Timeframes

alert indicator (click on it to get the alert menu)

new MT update available indicator


For minimalists, you can remove all tiles from the dashboard and resize it so that only the top menu is visible. That way it would take up the least space on your screen:


Dashboard - minimalist