BETA Download & Release Notes


This page is for the BETA release of Medved Trader. It is work in progress and likely have bugs that you would not expect to find in production version

NOTE: To get Beta Updates within MT, go to Settings / Application / General and check the box for "Show Beta Versions When Checking for Updates"

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  1. ADDED - PRINTING - Portfolios, Charts, Etc. CTRL+P only right now.
  2. FIXED - DOM - cursor background messed up if QTY is zero
  3. FIXED - DOM - once order is filled, top right capsule button should be to hide, not cancel
  4. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - QUESTRADE - TRADING - Anonymous special instructions
  5. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - QUESTRADE - TRADING - When placing a trade via chart, sometimes would show new trade along with original unsent capsule, instead of replacing it.
  6. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - IQFEED - made it filter trade conditions that caused spikes/bad quotes
  7. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ALLY INVEST for MBT - made it filter trade conditions that caused spikes/bad quotes
  1. CHANGED - SITE CONFIG - ANZ Share Trading Australia - Removed from setup due to their recent changes
  2. FIXED - CHARTS - error if layout loaded with trading enabled but no trading configured in settings
  3. FIXED - PORTFOLIO/SCAN - Symbol column would be too narrow if no total row and no quote updates since scan started.
  4. FIXED - SCANS - incorrect # of days of data used in cases where Horizontal Line indicator was defined in the scan
  5. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Put in workarounds for some DNS issues related to the recent server migrations
  1. ADDED - CHARTS - Indicator Weiss Wave Volume
  2. CHANGED - SITE CONFIG - CHART / DOM TRADING - ORDER TYPE exclusions are now per window type.
  3. CHANGED - SITE CONFIG - CHART TRADING - Got rid of AUTO Order type option
  4. FIXED - CHARTS - Indicator ZigZag - bug with Point/Percent parameter
  5. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ALLY INVEST FOR MBT - Level I quotes - filtering out empty bid/ask/bidSize/askSize values near the open
  6. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ALLY INVEST FOR MBT - Level II/TotalView filtering of duplicate MM IDs.
  7. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ALLY INVEST FOR MBT - TRADING - internal list of transactions would get cleared in some situations with multiple accounts, Cancel and Modify orders fail.
  8. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - CHART TRADING - AUTO Order Type would show even when no trading account is enabled
  1. ADDED - SITE CONFIG - ALLY INVEST - added ability to connect to the new BETA streaming servers.
  2. FIXED - APP - LINKED SYMBOLS - new linked colors did not set the mouse cursor correctly
  3. FIXED - APP - LINKED SYMBOLS - some PIN images were bad (Maroon for example)
  4. FIXED - CHART - TRADING - after adding to an existing position, P&L on the displayed position capsule would disapear
  5. FIXED - CHARTS - TRENDLINE ALERTS - if you copy an alert line, then make then make the copied line an alert, then delete one of them, both would get deleted
  6. FIXED - DOM - TRADING - after adding to an existing position, P&L would disapear
  7. FIXED - PORTFOLIO EDITOR - after adding a new portfolio and APPLYing the change, but without exiting, subsequent changes got applied immediately, without OK/Apply
  8. FIXED - SCAN - renamed SymbolData's ChangeHighPT nad ChangeLowPT to ChangeHighPercent and ChangeLowPercent for consistency
  9. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - QUOTEMEDIA - AskSize was set to same as BidSize on level I quotes.
  1. ADDED - APP - Ability to Lock individual Windows or all Windows so they cannot be accidentally closed or moved (via SYSTEM MENU or Caption Right Click)
  2. ADDED - CHARTS - Couple more caption format options
  3. ADDED - DASHBOARD - Layout Library TILE.
  4. ADDED - Layout Library - remembering the last used display selection
  5. ADDED - PORTFOLIOS and POSITIONS - Columns Change From High % and Change from Low %
  6. ADDED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - Support for Streaming News (only symbols getting quotes)
  7. FIXED - APP - Possible deadlick on rare cases, causing some windows to freeze.
  8. FIXED - CORRUPT SETTINGS Handling - made it look at the last, and if corrupted, then 2nd last backup to restore.
  9. FIXED - HTTP API - Date/Time incorrect on GetLastPrice request
  10. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - AUTO Config of trading did not copy over the IP and Port # used on the quote connection
  11. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Workaround for their DNS problems that is causing TD Ameritrade datafeed and trading to fail for some clients
  12. FIXED - TRENDLINE ALERTS - fixed issue with possible multiple instances of an alert running if modified while multiple charts for the symbol are open