BETA Download & Release Notes


This page is for the BETA release of Medved Trader. It is work in progress and likely have bugs that you would not expect to find in production version

NOTE: To get Beta Updates within MT, go to Settings / Application / General and check the box for "Show Beta Versions When Checking for Updates"

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  1. ADDED - CHARTS - TRADING - Ability to PRICE PEG Orders
  2. ADDED - CHARTS - TRADING - BUY ASK and SELL BID are now auto pegged
  3. ADDED - CHARTS - TRADING - if mouse hovering over Order Capsule where the price may change (MOC, T-Stop, etc), made the capsule not move under the cursor and shift the chart instead
  4. ADDED - DOM - Ability to PRICE PEG Orders
  5. ADDED - DOM - BUY ASK and SELL BID are now auto pegged
  6. ADDED - DOM - if mouse hovering over Order Capsule where the price may change (MOC, T-Stop, etc), made the capsule not move under the cursor and shift the chart instead
  7. FIXED - APP - Prompts - If Windows "move mouse to active button" option was selected, it was moving the mouse well above the button
  8. FIXED - CHARTS - Load Template was resetting the trace link color
  9. FIXED - CHARTS - TRADING - Initially sent order capsule was getting shifted to the left in some situations
  10. FIXED - CHARTS - TRADING - Remove unsent orders if account is switched to one no longer supporting the order type
  11. FIXED - CHARTS - TRADING - was not cleaning up connections when chart is closed
  12. FIXED - DOM - Sp. Instructions in Right.Click menu on an order was not working.
  13. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - GDAX - auto updates broken if the API key was changed after the initial trading setup.
  14. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - GDAX - Trade Confirmation (if turned on) was coming up twice
  15. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Temporary workaround for their backfill 1 hour shift since DST.
  1. ADDED - DOM and CHART TRADING - Ability to select ORDER TYPE before starting the order.
  2. ADDED - DOM and CHART TRADING - Multi-Price orders (BRACKET, STOP LIMIT) can now be placed with 2 clicks
  3. ADDED - CHART TRADING - Price Pegging on Order Capsule
  4. FIXED - TEMPLATES - Window position not saved correctly if windows were snapped to edge of screen with Windows Snap Assist
  5. FIXED - POPUP Windows (like Backfill Selector) - OK and Cancel buttons were not properly positioned
  6. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - GDAX - moved Post Only option to be just a "Special Instructions" item on the order, so it can be selected on individual orders now.
  7. FIXED - LEVEL II - Made MMIDs upper case
  1. ADDED - SITE CONFIG - RBC - News retrieval together with Level I quotes.
  2. FIXED - APP - some LISTS were not showing right on high DPI displays
  3. FIXED - CHARTS - OHLC - hash marks would not show sometimes.
  4. FIXED - CHARTS - TRADING tab - changed the settings to be a dropdown menu in order to take up less space
  5. FIXED - CHARTS - When showing time based frequency and bar based Period (last 50 bars for example, made padding X axis be in bars instead of minutes.
  6. FIXED - CHECK FOR UPDATES - window was too big on some systems
  7. FIXED - HIST CHARTS - Events (Dividends, Splits, Earnings) - should now be working
  8. FIXED - Positions/Transactions - Row selection lost in some situations
  9. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - RBC - site changed
  10. FIXED - WebSocket Proxy not working since Production
  1. ADDED - CHARTS - All Pivot Point Indicators - Option Expiration period.
  2. CHANGED - APP - Startup - Delayed starting Backfills and asynchronous Alert Recalcs until after the layout is loaded, to speed things up
  3. FIXED - All Streamers - In some situations some symbols would not get quotes on startup or layout load if total # of symbols was greater than 1/2 the site's max
  4. FIXED - APP - Changing email on your account - now should work with old or new email and let you import settings exported to old email
  5. FIXED - APP - Graphics resizing when using res screens Old XP DPI settings. Controls were not sized large enough.
  6. FIXED - CHARTS - drawing Vertical line (using SHIFT Key) was messed up. Would switch to horizontal
  7. FIXED - NEWS - Clearing Bulbs - Made it more efficient. Faster
  8. FIXED - NEWS - extracting symbol from headline truncated the first character of the symbol
  9. FIXED - NEWS - Mark all as read - Made it more efficient. Faster
  10. FIXED - NOTIFICATION POPUPS - would bring up the same one multiple times in some situations.
  11. FIXED - Paintbar/Scan Editor - Advanced Mode - Variable definition did not let you click on the indicator to select one (issue in latest prod)
  12. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ALLY INVEST (For MBT) - quotes not working in some situations (timing issue)
  13. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - COMMSEC - Level II Ask values would have empty rows above the valid values if # of bids is not same as # of asks
  14. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - E*TRADE (Trading)- Login may fail and go into an infinite loop
  15. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Cleared CHANGE if stock symbol has no volume (servers sometimes would not reset it)
  16. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - News and Futures - Would stop working after forced re-login