BETA Download & Release Notes


This page is for the BETA release of Medved Trader. It is work in progress and likely have bugs that you would not expect to find in production version

NOTE: To get Beta Updates within MT, go to Settings / Application / General and check the box for "Show Beta Versions When Checking for Updates"

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  1. ADDED - ACCOUNT VIEW - added Keyboard Shortcuts for Cancel All, Cancel Buys/Sells. Not defaulted, so user has to set them initially
  2. ADDED - CHARTS - added various TRADING Keyboard Shortcuts. Not defaulted, so user has to set them initially
  3. ADDED - CHARTS - option to show QUOTES on the chart in a box that you can move anywhere on the chart, same as the trace box
  4. ADDED - DOM - Balances Panel - can now click on balances values to fill in QTY accordingly
  5. ADDED - OPTION CHAN - Option to include (or not) weeklies
  6. ADDED - SCAN (Advanced) Added method SetDaysNeeded to explicitly specify minimum number of days of data that need to be backfilled.
  7. ADDED - TRADE TICKET - Balances Panel - can now click on balances values to fill in QTY accordingly
  8. CHANGED - CHARTS - reworked how various boxes are shown/handled. Should be transparent to the user, but significant internal changes
  9. CHANGED - SCAN - Made scan queue processsing faster, if CPU usage allows
  10. CHANGED - SCAN - Made scan start occur much faster, if CPU usage allows
  11. FIXED - CHARTS - Full Recalc was being done at times when not really needed, like Market Close, which in some situations was very CPU intensive
  12. FIXED - DOM - Keyboard shortcuts for Cancel All, Cancel All Buys/Sells, were not working
  13. FIXED - HOLIDAYS - updated for the added holiday (Bush)
  14. FIXED - KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS - custom ones were not stored in some situations
  15. FIXED - OPTION CHAN - center grid would get out of sync with the others in some situations if some sections were collapsed
  1. ADDED - CHARTS - Pitchfork - added option to add more lines above/below
  2. ADDED - OPTION CHAIN - Added Indicator for Weekly options
  3. ADDED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - Auto set the timeframe for Indian markets (NSE exchange)
  4. FIXED - APP - Updated window handling machinery to fix some annoying issues with the app staying on top of other windows.
  5. FIXED - OPTION CHAIN - collapsed section sync between the calls, puts and center table not working if column auto size is on
  6. FIXED - OPTION CHAIN - turned off column auto size for very large option chains
  7. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ALLY INVEST - updated to properly handle new server side restrictions. Was causing various failures.
  8. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - RITHMIC - Level I quotes would stop if bringing up Level II in some situations.
  9. FIXED - TRADING - Edit Order - Peg Price would stop updating if while editing the order, you switch tabs and switch back
  1. ADDED - CHARTS - Indicator CCI - 200/-200 Levels
  2. ADDED - CHARTS - Indicator Price Channels - Option to shift the result lines
  3. ADDED - LEVEL II - SHARING - option to share as text.
  4. ADDED - SETTINGS IMPORT/EXPORT - Yellow Note in center of screen indicating when active import/export.
  5. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - E*TRADE - TRADING - fixed error "You have an existing open order for this security on the same side of the market."
  6. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - fixed handling of NSE option symbols
  7. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - Level II - added "Max lines on Level II" option (in SETTINGS)
  8. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Option chain for $SPX.X was not returning some weekly. Had to do custom code to handle that special case.
  1. ADDED - SHARING - Ability to share screenshots, News, or other text content within MT to Twitter, Stocktwits, Email, SMS, File and clipboard. Right click on a chart or other window and select SHARE... . Facebook and others will be added in future updates.
  2. ADDED - CHARTS - ANNOTATIONS - If rotating, automatically switched to horizontal if almost there...
  3. ADDED - CHARTS - ANNOTATIONS - If rotating, holding SHIFT key caused the rotation to be in 90 degree increments.
  4. ADDED - CHARTS - PRINTING - Black and White printing option (on by default). Change on SETTINGS / CHARTS / GENERAL (at the bottom)
  6. FIXED - CHARTS - ANNOTATIONS - Cursors and resizing sometimes messed up
  7. FIXED - CHARTS - PRINTING - Indicator legends didn't show colors sometimes.
  8. FIXED - CHARTS - TRADING - if the same order is being modified (but not sent) on 2 charts, sending it on one caused the other to end up with a locked capsule, semi-transparent
  9. FIXED - HIST CHARTS - Real-time updates. Fixed last candle updating in some situations and made it NOT retain the candle if yet another day is added (caused duplicate candles at times)
  10. FIXED - OPTION CHAINS - fixed some errors with $SPX option chain processing.
  11. FIXED - OPTION CHAINS - when using cached chain data, clear expired options
  12. FIXED - OPTION RISK ANALYSIS - Price Spin controls for option symbols now use option specific spin increments
  13. FIXED - PAINTBAR ALERTS - Symbol would not get returned (UNKNOWN) if you switch symbols on the chart and switch back
  14. FIXED - PAINTBARS/SCANS - Advanced - DefinePaintbarParameter function could not take numbers that have type character on the end. 1.2d for example
  15. FIXED - PAINTBARS/SCANS - Issues when there was only one bar per day (low volume symbols)
  16. FIXED - PAINTBARS/SCANS - Precision issues due to conversion from float #s.
  17. FIXED - PROMPT DIALOG BOXES - Delay after closing in some situations.
  18. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - FOREX quotes time had incorrect timezone conversion
  19. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Futures auto backfill would sometimes fail