BETA Download & Release Notes


This page is for the BETA release of Medved Trader. It is work in progress and likely have bugs that you would not expect to find in production version

NOTE: To get Beta Updates within MT, go to Settings / Application / General and check the box for "Show Beta Versions When Checking for Updates"

If you would rather get the Main Release (Production version), click the button below

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  1. ADDED - ALERT LOG - Option to BOLD Column and Highlight Column (same as in portfolios)
  2. ADDED - ALERT LOG - Trigger Value column
  3. ADDED - APP - Option to Prevent PC Sleep (SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL)
  4. ADDED - DOM - Option to show P&L when moving cursor over buys/sells to close a position
  5. ADDED - TRADE LOG - Option to BOLD Column and Highlight Column (same as in portfolios)
  6. FIXED - CHART - TRADING - after submitting a new order, the "Unsent" capsule would sometimes stay around
  7. FIXED - CHART - TRADING - Show Position adjust scale now ignored if position PAID is 0
  8. FIXED - CHARTS - could not edit parameters for trendlines on "Above Chart" section
  9. FIXED - DOM - Cancel All, Cancel Buys, Cancel Sells - would not work in recent versions
  10. FIXED - PORTFOLIOS, ETC - SORT column getting reset
  11. FIXED - SCHAN/PAINTBAR - Candle Pattern Detection - would not work in Simple Mode
  12. FIXED - SHARING - SMS - Fixed the email addresses for some SMS gateways - were set to text only
  13. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ALL - if PC disconnected or went to sleep, caused large volume spike once connection is restored
  14. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - COINBASE - Adjusted throttling to avoid servers rejecting requests
  15. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - COINBASE - Removed STOP MARKET Option (Coinbase stopped support for it
  16. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - E*TRADE - Increased max # of streaming symbols to 1500!!!
  17. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - Auto assign timeframe for :SGX suffix
  18. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - IQFEED - added Skip Login option (for situations where multiple apps connecting to IQFeed)
  19. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ROBINHOOD - Trade Log entries would show partial fills as just Filled
  20. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Made it read the FSI flag from the symbol description (Delinquent, bankrupt, etc) to show on the symbol indicator
  21. FIXED - TRADE LOG - New entires did not get filtering applied