BETA Download & Release Notes


This page is for the BETA release of Medved Trader. It is work in progress and likely have bugs that you would not expect to find in production version

NOTE: To get Beta Updates within MT, go to Settings / Application / General and check the box for "Show Beta Versions When Checking for Updates"

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  1. ADDED - LAYOUT LIBRARY - FILE / LAYOUT LIBRARY (currently just 2 items). Lets you load a predefined layout, with or w/out ribbons showing, on whatever screen you specify, auto sizing the windows to fit.
  2. ADDED - DOM - option to Hide the VOLUME column
  3. ADDED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - Support for Delayed Quotes
  4. FIXED - CHARTS - loading a template while a chart is maximized caused odd problem on bottom of the chart.
  5. FIXED - DASHBOARD - Trade Ticket and Account view options did not allow bringing up multiple of each window for the same account.
  6. FIXED - Double click on BID/ASK initiated trading (trade ticket) even if the option was off in settings
  7. FIXED - SCANS - slow to "Stop".
  8. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - Fixed Level II handling for various US symbols (IB Level II still sucks, but that is out of our hands)
  9. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - QUOTEMEDIA - MT as not getting extended hours LAST price updates.
  10. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - intraday backfill was defaulting to 120 instead of 40 days, resulting in much slower backfills unless the user explicitly changed the setting
  11. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Login was failing if password had special characters.
  1. ADDED - Default Layout auto-layout to the user's primary screen on initial setup.
  2. ADDED - Support for subscription custom indicators (none released yet)
  3. FIXED - CHARTS - Indicator Keltner Channels did not properly redraw on real-time data.
  4. FIXED - CHARTS - Yearly Pivot Points on Historical charts did not show correct future quotes if less than a year of data is currently available
  5. FIXED - RAW DATA - High CPU usage on weekends.
  6. FIXED - SCANS - having AND and OR (instead of && and || ) sometimes caused problems with the scan not being detected.
  7. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - ALLY INVEST - Option Chain sometimes did not read in completely
  8. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - DIRECTA - sometimed caused Darwin to disconnect if subscribing to many symbols at once.
  9. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - INTERACTIVE BROKERS - Level II not working for PINK and OTC stocks
  10. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - QUESTRADE - Option Chain sometimes did not read in completely
  11. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - Reading in volume incorrectly (raw data, charts)
  1. FIXED - BITFINEX - could not start. Missing file
  2. FIXED - CHARTING - Fixed settings corruption when updating some indicator defaults from previous versions.
  3. FIXED - OPTION CHAIN Window - was not re-sorting/sizing after some operations
  4. FIXED - SCAN/Paintbar - Fastg Stochastic had Signal and Line reversed
  5. FIXED - SCAN/Paintbar - Slow Stochastic had Signal and Line reversed
  6. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - BELL DIRECT - VOLUME issues do to recent changes in MT.
  7. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - DIRECTA - VOLUME issues do to recent changes in MT.
  8. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - RBC - fixed quotes - URL change on RBC site
  9. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TD AMERITRADE - LASTVOL would sometimes be negative
  10. FIXED - SITE CONFIG - TRADIER - Added support for extended yours quotes updating LAST even if "Stream TICK Quotes" option is not checked