MT Websocket API


Each brokerage and each market data/news provider has its own API. There is very little standartization among them, and every one of them has its own peculiarities and difficulties. Some (I am looking at you, IB), have been created so long ago and grew, like a fungus, to create an almost incomprehensible agglomeration of specification that is hard to wade through.

Medved Trader can help you with connecting to these APIs. We have done all the work involved in understanding the APIs and writing code to login and use them in most efficient and bug-free manner. After all, that's our business model.

So - for our users we provide a simple, easy-to-code-to streaming Websocket JSON (or XML, if you prefer) API that will allow you to:

  • Connect to any brokerages that are supported.
  • Monitor your accounts - balances, positions, transactions - at these brokerages.
  • Place/cancel/modify trades at these brokerages.
  • Connect to and utilize streaming market data from most of the providers that MT uses. That includes L1, L2, News, Options etc.
  • Use the data sources to backfill market data.
  • Read any accumulated historical market data already collected.
  • Utilize the MT's Alerts system - read/create/modify alerts and monitor them as they trigger.
  • Monitor the MT's scan results as they happen in real time
  • Modify the functionality of MT's scans or paintbars using the InterVar system
  • Add new or modify existing portfolios in MT
  • Change the Linked Symbol settings in MT.

The API is asynchronous and very versatile. You can connect to one or several of the brokerages or data sources at the same time. It is as robust and bug-free as Medved Trader is.

The full documentation of the API is here:

MT Websocket API documentation

Please don't hesitate to contact us at for any questions or clarifications.