dxFeed makes real-time CME Market Depth available to Medved Trader users for $19


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New York, NY, April 14, 2022—dxFeed, a leading market data provider for the global financial industry, has integrated its data feeds into the Medved Trader. Over 15 subscriptions come directly from key US and EU exchanges, with the number of data feeds continually expanding. Find the full list on the dxFeed Retail portal.

a welcome gift for all new subscribers to Medved Trader, dxFeed is offering up to 50% off on the first-month subscription to the most coveted market data feeds:

  • $119 $99 for U.S. Equities Trading Bundle (NTV+EDGX DOM)
  • $69 $39 for U.S. Equities (Nasdaq TotalView) Market Depth
  • $99 $69 for CME Group (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX) Market Depth
  • $39 $19 for CME Market Depth
  • $49 $39 for Consolidated US Equities Level 1 (NBBO)
  • $49 $29 for OPRA U.S. Options Composite
  • $65 $39 for EUREX Futures Level 2 (Price levels)
  • $59 $49 for Cboe EDGX Equities Market Depth
  • $69 $39 for OTC Markets Level 2+

The offer is valid for non-pro traders only starting April 14, 2022, until the end of the month and provides a 1-month dxFeed market data subscription at a discounted price. The standard monthly fees apply after the first month of subscription unless canceled. Moreover, dxFeed is ready to provide a personal discount to the users who already have active subscriptions. Please send a request to our support team.

“Having high-quality data available to traders is a critical parameter. That said, we are pleased to start our partnership with dxFeed to provide all our subscribers the opportunity to choose a reliable and proven vendor on the global financial market,” said Jerry Medved, CEO at Medved Trader.

This collaboration with dxFeed gives Medved Trader users access to real-time data with different depths: Top of Book (real-time Best Bid, Offer, and Last Sale market data, known as Level1) and Full Market Depth. The following historical data is available to Medved Trader users so far:

  • Tick data going back 5 days
  • 1-minute aggregates going back 120 days
  • Day aggregates: all available
  • TotalView, EDGX and BBO merged

“We guarantee high-quality and low-latency real-time and historical data, making it possible to use volume analysis and other powerful features on the Medved Trader platform,” said Dmitrii Parilov, Managing Director at dxFeed.

(*) Note: Medved Trader platform license needs to be ordered directly from Medved Trader.


About Medved Trader

Medved Trader is a comprehensive trading platform designed for active traders and investors alike: Real-time charting with one of the largest libraries of indicators, price and news alerts, specialized portfolio and Level II windows, graphical chart enabled trading, user programmable power trading hotkeys, fully customizable scans and more. The convenient user interface brings all the tools that an active trader needs to your fingertips. Use dxFeed as the market data source while trading with multiple supported brokers.  


About dxFeed

dxFeed is a leading market data provider, focused on delivering financial information and services to all kinds of institutions in the global financial industry:
- for brokers: exchange compliant onboarding wizard for new clients
- for trading and analytical platforms: full order depth data, raw and aggregated, for the best visualization
- for educational platforms, paper trading: real-time and delayed data for educational purposes

 The company offers market data a service to improve trading platforms with hassle-free market data integration, including handling all operations with exchanges and providing platform’s customers with quality data (real-time, delayed, historical and charting data from all  major US, Europe, and APAC exchanges).

 Today dxFeed is:

- 6 million end-users through direct and B2B2C relationships

- 200,000 simultaneous streaming clients

- 2.5+ million instruments (equities, futures, options, indices, FX, crypto, etc.)

- 10 + years in the market